the second reason- youth on bikes

The whole car was brought to a halt. Darn those traffic lights around Shah Alam. I hate stopping for nothing when the time on my digital clock shows around 12.30 a.m. Nobody will be crossing. Why must i stop?

As i my thoughts spiraled down to the unknown depth of my imagination, i saw a silhouette passing by. A youth on a bike inched closer to the white line that is an unseen barrier, stopping us from our journey. "Subang jauh lagi beb, bile nak ijau ni?"

He was then joined by another three riders. The four horsemen? A cabal of which i'm remotely familiar. "oh great." i thought. they were wearing t-shirts with an item similar to which lady justice is holding emblazoned across their back.

Then, the lights turn green.

They went screeching. One of them went on to perform a wheelie. Forcing the tortured machines to reach uncomfortable noise level. I was dumbfounded,my head was spinning from the high decibels. From the stunt alike to Merdeka Celebrations at the Stadium Merdeka in front of me.

Eradicate and rectify issues that are seen as important to the development of the youth of the nation. Don't encourage them.

And please..do not block the developments of their minds.

Due to the fact that the vote counts are portrayed by the political parties as more valuable than any of the youths mind, i will not vote.


the first reason- key party.

Pada mulanya, ingin aku tulis tentang sesuatu yang lain. Tapi, ketika curi tulang menghisap rokok sambil membeli "top-up" tadi, i came across something. Something which had to become the first reason why i wouldn't vote. Parti Kunci.

She's 89. Her ride is a red bike. Dia adalah parti kunci. Mok Mun.

I would vote for her though.

She has a strong belief of herself. A good but expensive outlet to choose not to vote is to be a candidate yourself i reckon. Kenapa memperjudikan wang simpanan?

What are your chances of winning? Mungkin dia tidak mengambil kira semua itu. Namun, pokoknye, kepercayaan yang dipegang itu harus ditongkatkan. Dibenam di pasak bumi. Bumi siapa?

Katanya, die ingin melihat perubahan pada tanah air kita sebelum dia meninggalkan dunia ini. Di ambang merdeka, dia sudah pun 32 tahun. Cukup matang melihat perubahan. Apa lagi rintihannya?

Or maybe, she is fighting for the restructuring of the current crop. The leaders of the day which she saw as a stumbling block. A barrier.

If the media light shines brightly on her today, why not shine it on other parties too? Is she deemed not a threat?

Oleh itu, faktor pertama mengapa saya tidak mahu mengundi adalah kerana Cik Maimun Yusof diketengahkan kerana sebab-sebab yang tidak penting di dalam perjuangannya. Lantas menunjukkan peranan media sebagai sumber pengetahuan terkini bagi rakyat tanah air ini hanyalah lebih mementingkan maklumat-maklumat "trivial" seperti warna basikal Cik Maimun, umur dan juga perniagaan menjual kainnya daripada agendanya dan isu-isu yang ingin diketengahkan.

Hence, i shall withdraw myself from voting for lack of knowledge of the available candidates even after relying on the printed material of a national newspaper PUBLICation.


why i won't be voting.

first post in my blog..a week to go before the election.

Tipu siapa yang cakap kita akan dipimpin sebuah parti baru. Jadi buat ape nak undi? ye tak?

nope. u got it wrong.

i've got reasons. let my other post leading to the election tell you why.