7 pictures of Maoi.

I have a friend who is not an imaginary friend.
His name is Maoi. His house is Mohd Shah. Mohd Shah is not as bell as Idris.

observe the first picture. Maoi is eating with Farock D. Maoi is putting his game face on. He likes to look like he's crazy.However he is not, well, maybe a bit.

In the second picture, Maoi is standing straight in senior comm. However he is looking upwards. That is not the right way to do it. Look at Hadi beside him. "Tangan belakang, pandang bawah" as they use to say. Maybe Hadi got beaten up too often in the past. Kudos to him for executing this posture perfectly.

Maoi loves to talk. In the third picture, he is talking while eating. That picture was taken at Capit@roti canai terbaik in the early hours. During the first 6 hours we were in Kuala Kangsar, Maoi took us to eat 4 times. Sampai hari ni, perut aku sakit lagi.

In the 4th picture, Maoi is seen sleeping topless. That is his favorite way to sleep. The picture was taken from my bunker on top of his. Yes, it's true, i was his bedmate during the OBW 08. In the morning, he'll knock the bed to wake you up. Yes, Maoi is gangsta.

Maoi also likes to snap pictures. I dont where it all went. Maybe he deleted all of it. Maybe he doesn't have any Memory Card for his camera and thus is only able to snap up to ten pictures.
This is a picture of Maoi snapping away at nothing. Or maybe, he is snapping his own picture ala gadis2 galak berambut perang di Hartamas Square. No, i dont think so. He wouldn't do that.

In the 6th picture, Maoi can be seen to portray fear as Bob lurks from behind. Bob is the Rugby Captain. If he tackles Maoi, he will most likely die from the impact. Bob is strong like an Ox. Maoi is always very nice to Bob. Maoi thinks he is cute.

The 7th picture is a potrait of Maoi. Yes he is handsome for a Mohd Shah boy, but if he stays in East Wing, he's at a bout Punk's level. Punk is not handsome. Contrary to popular belief, Maoi and I didn't have an affair over the weekend.


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7 kind of food i ate in Kuala Kangsar.

Penat betul.

These are some of the pics of foods that i ate during my stay in Kuala Kangsar..note the multiple pictures of Pau.They are that good. Especially Pau Ayam.

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7 Songs

I haven't been posting lately. Aku sibuk berjamming untuk persembahan kugiran hujung minggu ini.

Nonetheless, I would like to list down 7 Songs that i'll be playing this weekend.

1.Coldplay- Fix You.
Lagu mudah. Only Bob on Keys yang akan menggelabah sedikit. Other than that, i think we'll breeze through this one. Chris Martin has a unique voice and i hope Joe can pull it off.

2.Hujan- Pagi Yang Gelap
Malaysian song of the year kot. Impressive sungguh musicianship level mereka. Idea yang bernas. Nyanyi pun senang. I love the jazz outro. This is more for the masses.

3.Pearl Jam- Jeremy
This is definitely for the batch members. One of the best PJ songs. Bassline pun mengancam. However, this song has been a staple jam for us for quite sometime thus, it has less excitement to me.

4.Radiohead- High & Dry
This is a beautiful song. Just had to play it. It's not that simple though to do it right. I hope the crowd will like it.

5.Pearl Jam- Black
Was the "it" song back then.
"I know someday you'll have a beautiful life,i know you'll be the sun..in somebody else's sky..why cant it be mine?"
Hauntingly beautiful.

6.Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Hump de Bump
If its RHCP, it's the bassist choice..haha..Memang aku pilih. Aku bosan main lagu2 yang lain. Tapi lagu ni catchy and enjoyable...thus it will hype up the crowd in preparation for the finale...

7.4U2C- Fiona
[kerrrrrrrrrrr(to the sound of the ugly shaker in its intro)]Perempuan murahan yang menipu kata nak belajar..tapi keluar dengan Farid. Mesti la lagu tu best kan?So,to underline the fact that we are the 90's teenager..apa lagi pilihan selain dari lagu yang sangat cliche ini? Fiona lah gadis dalam setiap mimpi budak-budak lelaki pada ketika itu. Bila dengar balik suara Fiona ketika nak carik lagu tu, aku rasa macam comel sebenarnya Fiona ni. Siapa la Fiona ni agaknye...Farid tak antar die balik lagi ke?lama gile die keluar...

So there you have it. Ten years reunion songs. Hope you'll like it. That's the best we could do.

So the next post will have to be next week..With a lot of pictures from the Royal Town.Yeay!!!!
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7 kind of people i am not fond of..

Its inevitable that we shall meet this kind of people in our lives.
And yet, i can find 7 of them at my local Teh Tarik Joint a.k.a Darussalam, in just one sitting,just one glass of teh tarik.
Why? Takde benda lain ke nak buat? Kena jugak ke buat aku geli? Duk ah jauh2...Duk ah kedai lain...

1.Awek2 lepasan SPM.
Gelak (read mengilai) serentak.Bising dan annoying. "Diorg ni semua nak pegi mana? takkan pegi club pukul 6 petang?"Hmm..if you dress like that, jangan la buat muka when you are oogled at. Just sit back at let everybody undress you with their eyes. Biasanya kelihatan bersama golongan Pete Doherty wannabee.

2.Mat Motor Besar
The Joint in question is not infested with rempits, well maybe occasionally. Tapi..abang-abang motor besar ni selalu datang memekak. Bukan mereka yang memekak, tapi motor tu bising gila!...Walaubagaimanapun, penampilan Bandanna (key) dan juga baju ada image-image tengkorak,bersama jeans ketat dan boots yang sangat ganas menyebabkan aku diam terpaku sahaja.

3. Double Parking Dude
Erm, the rule of thumb of double-parking: if it's troublesome to others, please be attentive to your car. Takyah la masuk CC main Dota or whatever it is that rocks your balls off.

4. Double Parking Victim
Okay. I understand your misery. I feel you.Tapi kalau die tak pedulikan kereta dia sendiri, apakan lagi orang yang dia double park. Pecahkan saja cermin kereta dia, turunkan handbrake dan tolak ke tepi. Jangan "honk" berterusan.

5. Peminta Sedekah Negara Jiran
Owh! ni pantang..nak je aku lepuk2. Dah la datang dari negara yang tak dapat aku pastikan.Biasanye berbaju kelabu, tua dan mempamerkan gaya jijik. Gigih dalam menjana wang dengan mengoncangkan cawan plastik kosong di depan muka mangsa, sambil tersengeh2.

6. Agen jualan sampah sarap.
Buku Kanak2. Pen yang takde ink. Pisau yang tak tajam. Torchlight yang hanya boleh digunakan pada waktu siang. Macam-macam la benda yang dijualnya. Bukan aku marah kalau nak approach. But please dont do it while i'm eating. What you are preaching are not music to my ears. Biasanya harga di luar 4 kali ganda dari harga yang dia jual.

7. Geng MLM.
Hoh! ni paling menjengkelkan. I dont know what you sell. I dont know why you do it. Sitting there for 3 hours wearing baju gelap garis2, seluar sendat dan kasut hitam melentik dan bergelak ketawa. Higher Edu camane? Dan, walaupun kamu berjaya dan sudah menjadi kawan aku selama hidup aku, tolong jangan berdakwah pasal MLM. Aku benci.

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7 things.

[sitting alone at KFC training centre]
I wonder why they call it dinner plate..Jual la malam je..kang ingat aku tak paham cakap omputih lak..tapi dah lapar, belasah lah..

While i was eating, i was thinking about random stuff, miscellaneous..itu la balasan lunch seorang diri in KL. Tapi, inilah perkara yang menggembirakan aku hari ini.Not in any particular order or preference.

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken.
I just love it. Tak boleh makan selalu, tapi once a month..uih sedapnye..

2. 7-11.
Maybe a factor to my inclination towards the number seven. Cari kecik i was brought there to buy slurpees..sampai besar, i've move up from Slurpee to Dunhill 20, tapi mesti beli kat Seven.

3. Man Utd.
Pengaruh Bos. aku tak pernah suka team lain. Dari aku kenal bola, itu je team aku suka.. Walaupun masa tu Liverpool power..bukan era Torres, era Rush tau!..I hope they win tonight.

4. Bass guitar.
Sangat lah menggembirakan aku. BTW, MIA Pbass '80s for sale.

5. Futsal.
I don't know what my weekends would be without HTO. They are the best now in Klang Valley..wayyyy better than any Sports Planet franchises.

6. Music.
Not a specific genre. It does not have to hail out of Madchester or Factory Records..nor must it be from Deathrow and such..To sum it all up, i feel that without music, i've lost colors in my life and it could be anything from Chantek to 24 hours party people to potrait of tracy. Yang penting, it makes me happy. Even if it's Gloomy Sunday.

7. 7.
The figure on my back with my kit on. Ma Maison's number too..As a tribute to the number, I think i should have a Seven list of the day. Thanks for reading the first one.

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Let me help you with that..

Refer to the earlier post. Regarding the puzzle pecah kat parking...hehe that was what i did last weekend..She had to fix it all back at the parking lot.

While i smoked and waited;

so, i was a big sucker for that day, nasib baik die tak marah...dapat aku pujuk die untuk membeli barang2 keperluan seperti Rubix white dan Echo.Best.

But i still feel sorry for her, but who would be a better candidate to put the fun back in dysfunctional (hahah!)

Membeli Kamera.

After a few months search, esok aku akan beli camera. Camera ini aku beli murah aje..color pun pink.
tapi harap2 gambar2 die lebih berkualiti dari gambar2 berikut.

dan juga gambar2 yang di sini

exit baru pyramid,puzzle pecah kat parking,orang tua kawen.


Sufiah Yusof

Kesian dia...kena belajar dalam sejuk..

Lebih kesian lagi die kena kawen ngan mamat tu! dah la German...hahaha....
If she's happy for what she is now, then i hope nobody would say otherwise. Who would ever know what she feels but her ownself.You go girl..

I think the smart people can justify her choice for the world's oldest job..they're too smart for the new ones...

I'm short GBP10 to 130. Damnnnnnn!