Singapura- apa yang aku lihat?

hihi, gambar kenangan di Kota Singa.

It was a very long walk around town that i hurt my leg till today. Nonetheless, it is a vary enjoyable holiday.

I was captivated most by the picture of the backalley, which would'nt look as nice if it was in Malaysia. Notice the "tong sampah besar" at the bottom of the picture.

Secondly, i love the way they manipulate Old Buildings or Heritage sites to incorporate elements of modern infrastructure and at the same time the zest of yesteryear which brings with it a certain warmth. However, as you enter the building, one will be spoilt for choice.

Something, we weren't exercising for a long time-Choice. Boy was i in for a big surprise en route to Malaysia. 8th March 2008.

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