Toto in KL

Owh man..TOTO..

The sound system wa great, and i had a lot of fun..though i didn't personally recognize each number, tune after tune, my heart grew fonder of their impeccable musicianship and technical abilities.

Thanks for cheering up an otherwise somber weekend.


Singapura- apa yang aku lihat?

hihi, gambar kenangan di Kota Singa.

It was a very long walk around town that i hurt my leg till today. Nonetheless, it is a vary enjoyable holiday.

I was captivated most by the picture of the backalley, which would'nt look as nice if it was in Malaysia. Notice the "tong sampah besar" at the bottom of the picture.

Secondly, i love the way they manipulate Old Buildings or Heritage sites to incorporate elements of modern infrastructure and at the same time the zest of yesteryear which brings with it a certain warmth. However, as you enter the building, one will be spoilt for choice.

Something, we weren't exercising for a long time-Choice. Boy was i in for a big surprise en route to Malaysia. 8th March 2008.


why i won't be voting 3- I need a break.

I've listed two of the reasons why i wont be voting but on a more personal note, it is because i am going on a HOLIDAY!!!! on the election day...ah seronoknya...

Saya tidak peduli jika ia adalah hari mengundi..Seharian menunggu di kaca televisyen dan juga di hadapan corong radio, rasanya satu saja parti yang bertanding. "kalau sudah satu sahaja yang bertanding, tak perlu dipanggil pilihanraya. Panggil saja "raya". Boleh buat ketupat dan rendang"

Baik aku ke Singapura.

Jangan orang mentah dijulang. Buat sahaja dia seperti Hang Nadim...

Gempak Gempita menyorak "melayu", menghunus keris bagai Taming Sari. Di mana Melayunya kita, Jika mahu ajak bersabung, di patahkan taji ayam lawan dahulu mahunya?

aku mahu bersantai disamping tugu Merlion.


Salman Nasaruddin

As i was informed by the numerous blog, he has passed away. Being the victim of a hit and run, i hope the driver will own up.

I met him once at one of his sister's birthday.

Where he had left a void, let his pictures recite a thousand stories.