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The time has come for some music. Sweet sweet music. Hope mum won't throw us out.


ESG Jazz Fest 2010

dragged a this rocker to jazz fest!
Mr Thomas.
Mrs Delfino
Sadowsky baby!

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A great cultured weekend where i enjoyed a great stand up show and followed by a jazz fest the next day.



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Paramore, band kugiran dari Amerika Syarikat telah menghiburkan lebih kurang 8 ribu pentonton di Stadium Bukit Jalil semalam.



-population un
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I boarded the train. Its body wraps the singular rail underneath. The tube like appearance of the train is further augmented by the colorful display within.

This is not me. I'm not colorful like this. Inside I'm all gray today. With a hint of black from tar and nicotine.

The first stop was Chow Kitt. I hated Chow Kitt. But now I'm able to tolerate it. It's beauty amidst the havoc. Blinding lights, deafening sounds. Where the cultures intertwined in a mixing bowl. The imbrication is not vague to say the least.

I sat there. Overseeing Chow Kitt from above. The train moved on.

This is my stop. Medan Tuanku.

I started walking. It's a hot day today. Summery and sweaty. The warm sun didn't help me think straight. Random thoughts starts creeping up. I hasten my steps. I've got to reach there sooner.

This walk should have taken me closer to you but instead it's taking me in circles and I end up standing where I started.

She called my name. I collected the envelope.

I boarded the train. The same tube like machine only in different color. This one is in pink.

In the train. More thoughts came to me. It's not fun to be dwarfed by all this. I need to enjoy the view of Chow Kitt from the train.

The ephemeral journey ends. I walk down the steps. The heat is getting to me again. sweats began to form at my forehead. It's designed to make me feel cooler but I think it just makes me feel uncomfortable.

With an envelope in my hand I step into a cold room, i've been rferring to as my office. The sun can't get me here but the thought of your smile keeps me warm. Only if you knew that.

Im back in Loserville.


Anger Management

anger management
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click on the link above to help ease some anger issues at work. Highly therapeutic and good to alleviate stress at work.


Midvalley, Nirwana Maju and Tutti Fruitti.

-mangsa nampak gembira sebelum kejadian ngeri berlaku.gambar dipercaya diambil di Midvalley.
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Elevator Fail

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how not to go on an elevator.


Half empty or Half full?

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Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole, just like a faucet that leaks and there is a comfort in the sound.
But while you debate half empty or half full, it slowly rises, your love is gonna drown.

-Marching Bands of Manhattan, Death Cab for Cuties.


little things.

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"Leonardo's Mona Lisa is just a thousand thousand smears of paint. Michelangelo's David is just a million hits with a hammer. We're all of us a million bits put together the right way."
Chuck Palahniuk (Diary)



-cakes undone.
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I used to be pretty god at maths. Not in the beautiful mind kind of way but enough to earn me As. Ok, maybe that was back in the days when I can think straight.

Years have gone by since i flick through a book to do all these little math equations. Yeah, there are far more important things in life now. Like thinking "what's for dinner?" and "oohh that's hot".

If my sister were to ask me to help out with her homework, I don't think I'll be able to. Ok, maybe I could if i try hard enough but i never did try hard enough in the first place.

Eventually, there comes a day when you need to recall your math solving prowess. As you sit there, thinking of all the formulas and see them flying above your head like a cheap TV show from the 80's only to realize that it does not add up. It does not make sense. You don't know a thing bout maths.

Then the denouement hit me.

It doesn't really matter what the figure is if you've found out that One plus One equals everything.


Selamat Hari Jadi Tifi.

-Pics from birthday celebration ah HRC.
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Best. Semua orang made time to go to his birthday. Even though the surprise plan was cut short due to some poor execution of plans, all of us had fun.

After the dinner we stayed back to watch the live band.

Then supper at Pelita KLCC.

The next day kena bangun pagi. Sigh!


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like what the hell?

wrinkles. saya sudah tua.


The Blog.

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"Are you not entertained! Are you not entertained! Is this not why you are here!"

Fly away.

-electric eel.
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I can fly. Well i think i can.

I've flown before. Well at least i felt that i have.

This state of elevation, though it may not appear to be one experienced in a physical sense has the same consequences.

If one flies to high, the air is going to get thinner. It will be suffocating. To make it worst, I'm notorious for my acrophobia.

My mind spinning in vertigo. Her smile and porcelain like skin infatuating. It's starting to hurt.

Gasping for air.

I remembered then, what a friend told me once.

"Jaga2 kalau terbang tinggi, nanti jatuh sakit"

Well there's the ultimate downside to flying. It either suffocates you or leave you splattered on the ground. Lifeless.

And I've been there too. Bits and pieces of me everywhere.

Now I have put myself together. Once again, I learn to fly.