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I boarded the train. Its body wraps the singular rail underneath. The tube like appearance of the train is further augmented by the colorful display within.

This is not me. I'm not colorful like this. Inside I'm all gray today. With a hint of black from tar and nicotine.

The first stop was Chow Kitt. I hated Chow Kitt. But now I'm able to tolerate it. It's beauty amidst the havoc. Blinding lights, deafening sounds. Where the cultures intertwined in a mixing bowl. The imbrication is not vague to say the least.

I sat there. Overseeing Chow Kitt from above. The train moved on.

This is my stop. Medan Tuanku.

I started walking. It's a hot day today. Summery and sweaty. The warm sun didn't help me think straight. Random thoughts starts creeping up. I hasten my steps. I've got to reach there sooner.

This walk should have taken me closer to you but instead it's taking me in circles and I end up standing where I started.

She called my name. I collected the envelope.

I boarded the train. The same tube like machine only in different color. This one is in pink.

In the train. More thoughts came to me. It's not fun to be dwarfed by all this. I need to enjoy the view of Chow Kitt from the train.

The ephemeral journey ends. I walk down the steps. The heat is getting to me again. sweats began to form at my forehead. It's designed to make me feel cooler but I think it just makes me feel uncomfortable.

With an envelope in my hand I step into a cold room, i've been rferring to as my office. The sun can't get me here but the thought of your smile keeps me warm. Only if you knew that.

Im back in Loserville.

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