Buka Puasa @ William's

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Kenyang gile doh.


Extreme Park

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Hanged out at Extreme Park in Shah Alam yesterday. It's a great place. Youths hang out and spend their time doing healthy activities.

But there was a bunch of guys who made me laugh. We were taking pictures at the big boulders and along came these guys and some chicks.

Maybe it was trying to impress the girls, three of them climbed up the boulder. And made some jokes from the top of the tallest boulder. Then they decided they wanted to leave.

Or so they thought.

The first among the three couldn't climb down. It was really hilarious. As the boys and girls tries to help him out. Even the resident climber came over to help him out.

He was literally shaking on the boulder with a stud earring and a NY cap, his friends shouted:

"Macha, it's ok macha...we catch you.."


Pernah salah chatting?

-tolong la saya, saya mamai.
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x: kalau kl-bkk-hcm-kl = 540, kalau kl-hcm-bkk-kl = 368,ahah

y: ape ko mencarut bulan2 pose nih?

x: ehhhhhh, salah orgggggggg, sori.

y: confirm masuk blog.

x: jgn la, bulan puasa.

* Penulis blog puasa, tapi Blog Buih tak puasa. Sape suruh salah tetingkap chatting?


Jika anda ke...Subang Jaya (D'tandoor)

-birthday girl, tak blur.
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For her 24th birthday, Sasha requested her dinner to be at D'tandoor. D'tandoor is a restaurant in Subang Jaya which specializes in Indian cuisine.

Since it was in time with Iftar, I took the buffet.

The spread was a little small but everything they served tasted heavenly.

I really would recommend the lamb curry, briyani rice and yogurt chicken. It's really delicious.


Er Hu.

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Er Hu adalah sebuah alat muzik tradisional dari Cina. Er Hu juga di panggil Chinese Violin. Ia mempunyai dua tali. Er Hu dimainkan secara tegak dan diletakkan di atas lutut. Dengan menggunakan sebatang kayu untuk menggesek, Er Hu akan berbunyi dan nada boleh diubah dengan menekan senar2 tersebut menggunakan tangan kiri.


Rescue Mission.

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Like a well timed cue in a Hollywood action movie, Mum call me as I was about to reverse the car.

"Help me out!"

"What's wrong?"

"I locked my room, all my keys are inside."

So I turned off the ignition. Walked out of the car. Went up. Tried turning the knob a few times.

"Maybe a good tug will undo the locks. " I wished. Obviusly, it didn't budge.

Mum was already eager to call the locksmith. That would have easily cost us at least RM50.

Finally. I had an idea. I saw an opening from one of the windows in her room. I pulled the ladder and placed it firmly underneath the window. I called the maid to climb up. She's just physical not as challenged as I was. she squeezed through the windows successfully.

End of movie.



Blog tanpa gambar.

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Selamat berpuasa.

Computer kat rumah dah kena tolak. Aku nak beli computer baru. Oleh sebab tu, project 365 pun sangkut, blog pun tak jalan. Tak best la blog takde gambar.


The Tank.

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It was very taxing for me. Luckily my brother had a bucket full of patience.

We were at the house from 5.30. We planned to go snap some pics at around dawn. Yet there were many difficulties. Obstacles that presented itself before us that hinders our initial plan.

First of all the water tank broke. Making a useless heap of plastic on the top of the shop lot. Much more useless then a Gargoyle. At least a gargoyle would look cool.

Then came the part where the workers had insufficient equipment to do the job. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Well they do look like monkeys.

We went home at 9.30

My brother sat at the same spot waiting for me for 4 hours.



-hensem tak?
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My brother has a new blog and his platform of choice is really looking too cool for this old and outdated blogspot format.

I might move there.

Should I move there?


-now the room is ready.
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I received my first phone call from somebody who was interested in the room that i was going to rent.

He's a Middle Eastern man.

He's doing his PhD here.

I met him last evening. And I was floored by his arrogance. From the start, he didn't even try to be nice.

He didn't like my room.

"There's another apartment for the same price with Bed, Cupboard, Study table and Aircond"
He said

"That's a good deal, get it quick before somebody else does." I replied happily.

Good riddance.



-petang yang suram.
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Ofis aku ada hantu.

Memang dah sah. Tadi borak dengan kakak opis sebelah. Opis dia dah nak tutup. Aku dengan selamba pegi tawar dua ratus tiga puluh ribu untuk beli opis dia.

Dia terima.

Tapi dia kata hari Jumaat hari tu dia nampak hantu.

Hantu muka putih rambut hitam yang membuatkan dia tak boleh tidur malam.

Hari Jumaat tu jugak, aku ngan Zano pegi opis malam2 untuk amik kerja.

Sial la.