-now the room is ready.
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I received my first phone call from somebody who was interested in the room that i was going to rent.

He's a Middle Eastern man.

He's doing his PhD here.

I met him last evening. And I was floored by his arrogance. From the start, he didn't even try to be nice.

He didn't like my room.

"There's another apartment for the same price with Bed, Cupboard, Study table and Aircond"
He said

"That's a good deal, get it quick before somebody else does." I replied happily.

Good riddance.


  1. orang macam ni jangan layan bro.. menyusahkan hidup je nanti.. aku dh pernah rasa dh pengalaman bagi sewa kat middle eastern..

  2. dorang tak reti bayar sewa bai. abang aku dah kena