Extreme Park

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Hanged out at Extreme Park in Shah Alam yesterday. It's a great place. Youths hang out and spend their time doing healthy activities.

But there was a bunch of guys who made me laugh. We were taking pictures at the big boulders and along came these guys and some chicks.

Maybe it was trying to impress the girls, three of them climbed up the boulder. And made some jokes from the top of the tallest boulder. Then they decided they wanted to leave.

Or so they thought.

The first among the three couldn't climb down. It was really hilarious. As the boys and girls tries to help him out. Even the resident climber came over to help him out.

He was literally shaking on the boulder with a stud earring and a NY cap, his friends shouted:

"Macha, it's ok macha...we catch you.."

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