aku tidak sabar untuk ke cherating

Di dalam kesibukan Spain menjulang Piala Eropah dan Anwar lari ke kedutaan Turki yang juga diantara pasukan yang mara ke separa akhir hasil bimbingan En Fatih Terim, aku terfikir akan percutian ke Cherating yang bakal datang. Aku tidak sabar.

Aku perlu menyiapkan jersi Uglies.Sepuloh tahun. Sangat lama. Bukan, bukan masa untuk ia siap. Baju itu sempena sepuloh tahun keluar koleq.

Aku ingin makan Crab.

Aku ingin minum petang di Hai Peng..haih..tapi aku sudah tidak hisap rokok..

Aku ingin berjalan2 di tepi pantai dengan fisherman's pants..ye, aku ada tiga helai seluar itu.
boleh juga digunakan oleh ibu2 mengandung

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Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Who's this guy? A former student of Uniten, alleged to have been sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim. Come on Malaysian Politics..you can do better than that. God, please give Malaysian Politics some class..

and watch out for shahrir too, he's from the same alma matter.

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Wedding adik Farouq

kay 010Attila N Syaheeda
kay 003The Pelamin
kay 009Band Gandalf
kay 016next in line..
kay 020control control..
kay 028Peah & Kay
kay 042kat parking lot Prince Hotel pun nak posing?
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7 pictures of Bass & Frenz Day@ Bentley.

PhotobucketMr Zailan and Jr...

PhotobucketTRB ke MM5?

Photobucket"main bass bunyik langau" said Fly..

PhotobucketFender, Warwick or Me?

PhotobucketHaaa macam ni la main..

Photobucket"Mula2 aku main gitar..lepas tu aku main drum pulak"

Photobucketzaim:"sape semua ni?"

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Ronaldo leaves Man Utd for Madrid

ahahaha.."anyone who has a sexual relationship with ronaldo please leave the room now..you know who you are"....ramai askar yang kluar..ahahaha....

I like that film too...ahaha..buduh tul takde kerja gamaknye...
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Hi Wan.

I have a friend.His name is Wan.

In primary school, I got off to calling "Hi! Wan" as in 'Haiwan'.

He never fail to answer me.

now look at him.(above)....

aku rasa aku dalam golongan yang doanya dimakbulkan tuhan.
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There's nowhere else better for you...

and i'm sure it's not in Bernabeu..
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i say what, what?

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conspiracy theory: ni ke lagu koleq yang sebenar?

To my Dearest Pee, cool down.

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I found myself lying in the procedure room. Lying flat on my back, the lights shone brightly in my eyes. A machine was hanging down right to within three inches within the surface of my stomach. Three TV screens can be seen hanging on the other corner. "kat sini sampai tiga tv, kat bilik aku satu pun takde, kalau dapat tgk Man Utd beat Chelsea tu kan best..."

Nellie look alike came in the room all prepared. She pulled a blue paper blanker above me.Then she hooked the oxygen to my nose."bestnye" I felt sedated.

An hour passed. "Ouch!" I screamed. I don't think the doctor heard it though. He continued probing. "Doctor, I can feel it, it's painful" I gathered my strength to utter a few words, painfully.

"wah! can feel already? sikit lagi boleh?"asked the doctor.

"tak dapat, sakit ni" i said nonchalantly.As if the doctor was Xoul.

"ok kita berenti" He said finally.

When all was cleared, i saw for the first time, a whole bag of puss. 1.5 liters of puss. and i lived with the bag for another 10 days in the hospital.


15cm of abscess is not going to go away overnight. Apparently, it has pockets. As I was fast asleep on the 3rd day ias stuck to the puss bag, i was awaken by the nurse to go at meet the Doctor. What doctor works at 12.30am?

I walked down the empty hall. I felt like i was back in my alma matter.Back in those days, a wake up call to the Senior Comm would be the most dreaded of all.

That night, i was injected with something to dissolve the walls within my abscess so that the puss can flow out freely.

I'm done

16 days in the hospital, and i was told that i can go home. However, not without a final torture by the doctor. (author's note: Actually he had to remove the bag, so there is actually not much choice for me) He told me "Sudah tinggal 3 cm saja, kamu mahu balik?"

"Yup, sure...after doctor cabut, boleh balik la kan?" I said happily as i never thought that i would here 'balik' ever again.

Little did i know, that the end of the tube was hooked to my abscess and to remove it, the doctor put in a metal coil to push it straight before he yanks it out of my stomach. No anesthetic, nada, zip.

I was in pain.

I wouldn't want to go through it again.

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It has been a month and 3 days since my last post. I still remember the date of the last post. It was on the 7th of May.

It all started on a Friday evening. Like any other Friday evening, i was expecting the road to be clogged ( little did i know that i was wrong) Clogged was an understatement. When i got homw, i was totally exhausted. I just felt like i needed a nap. I dozed off as soon as i laid my head on the pillow. When i woke up, i felt the chill all over my body. "Argghh! please not over the weekend" i tried to negotiate with the divine powers. He apparently, had other plans.

By Monday, the fever is still going strong and showing no sign of improvement. I went for a blood test on Tuesday. "I think this is a case of paratyphoid" said the Doctor.

"that's some third world shit" I thought.

By Thursday morning, the doctor decided that a bigger establishment should oversee my condition and i was referred to SJMC. For 6 days i was on the bed, antibiotics being administered through the IV line, "To hell with this, i just want to watch Champs League Final" deep in me, that was all i wanted, the thought keep circling my mind. On the other hand, my temperature has taken a different beat, now, it swells up and down at its own pleasure.Obviously, we do not enjoy the same idea there.

On the Seventh day i was there, the doctors' dumbfoundedness oozing out of their ears, they sent me down for a CT scan. And on that plank, facing the white ceiling, the machine running loud, the cold parts of the plank touching the skin giving me sudden jolts, the sound of the lab assistant's voice looming from the speaker like a little voice in my head, that was where it started. My imagination left me alone in the room, roaming wildly, i tried to pull it back. Hold on to it. I failed.

Suddenly i was in front of a doctor and the solemn faces of my family, "you can't be saved." he said. "we're throwing you in the dumpsters" SNAP! i was back in the room "Happy thoughts...Happy thoughts" I told myself.

43 minutes had pass. The lab assistant (who happens to look a lot like Nellie) came back and said that the images aren't clear."Shit" i said to myself. Nellie look alike was still talking. I just didn't give a damn. Nellie look alike pulled the covers up to my chest, "we are going to do it again". She left me.

My imagination started to leave me to. "i hate this" i told myself a million times. Then i saw Nellie look alike, "the doctor needs to see you now"

"Hi, I'm Dr Alex, you have an abscess in you liver, basically, you have two choices, either go through a major operation or put a tube in, and suck it all out"

"what do you suggest?" I couldn't find my voices, my question came out with a wimpy voice, one I'm not familiar with myself. I was busier celebrating and i was relieved. "Owh, come back imagination, it's not going down like that" i said to myself.

"wait a minute, what is an abscess again?"

"It's basically puss, a big bag of nanah on your liver"

Never in my entire life would i have loved to hear "a big bag of nanah on your liver" this much.

"And, i strongly suggest that u do the latter and we have to do it immediately as it's too big and i wouldn't want to risk it, it can burst if we wait even till tomorrow." Said Dr Alex. He is more Foreman than House to me. I wish there was Cameron there.

"Aww come on...where are you going again?" i asked my imagination as it starts to fly off again.

to be continued....
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