I found myself lying in the procedure room. Lying flat on my back, the lights shone brightly in my eyes. A machine was hanging down right to within three inches within the surface of my stomach. Three TV screens can be seen hanging on the other corner. "kat sini sampai tiga tv, kat bilik aku satu pun takde, kalau dapat tgk Man Utd beat Chelsea tu kan best..."

Nellie look alike came in the room all prepared. She pulled a blue paper blanker above me.Then she hooked the oxygen to my nose."bestnye" I felt sedated.

An hour passed. "Ouch!" I screamed. I don't think the doctor heard it though. He continued probing. "Doctor, I can feel it, it's painful" I gathered my strength to utter a few words, painfully.

"wah! can feel already? sikit lagi boleh?"asked the doctor.

"tak dapat, sakit ni" i said nonchalantly.As if the doctor was Xoul.

"ok kita berenti" He said finally.

When all was cleared, i saw for the first time, a whole bag of puss. 1.5 liters of puss. and i lived with the bag for another 10 days in the hospital.


15cm of abscess is not going to go away overnight. Apparently, it has pockets. As I was fast asleep on the 3rd day ias stuck to the puss bag, i was awaken by the nurse to go at meet the Doctor. What doctor works at 12.30am?

I walked down the empty hall. I felt like i was back in my alma matter.Back in those days, a wake up call to the Senior Comm would be the most dreaded of all.

That night, i was injected with something to dissolve the walls within my abscess so that the puss can flow out freely.

I'm done

16 days in the hospital, and i was told that i can go home. However, not without a final torture by the doctor. (author's note: Actually he had to remove the bag, so there is actually not much choice for me) He told me "Sudah tinggal 3 cm saja, kamu mahu balik?"

"Yup, sure...after doctor cabut, boleh balik la kan?" I said happily as i never thought that i would here 'balik' ever again.

Little did i know, that the end of the tube was hooked to my abscess and to remove it, the doctor put in a metal coil to push it straight before he yanks it out of my stomach. No anesthetic, nada, zip.

I was in pain.

I wouldn't want to go through it again.

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