Rescue Mission.

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Like a well timed cue in a Hollywood action movie, Mum call me as I was about to reverse the car.

"Help me out!"

"What's wrong?"

"I locked my room, all my keys are inside."

So I turned off the ignition. Walked out of the car. Went up. Tried turning the knob a few times.

"Maybe a good tug will undo the locks. " I wished. Obviusly, it didn't budge.

Mum was already eager to call the locksmith. That would have easily cost us at least RM50.

Finally. I had an idea. I saw an opening from one of the windows in her room. I pulled the ladder and placed it firmly underneath the window. I called the maid to climb up. She's just physical not as challenged as I was. she squeezed through the windows successfully.

End of movie.

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