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I used to be pretty god at maths. Not in the beautiful mind kind of way but enough to earn me As. Ok, maybe that was back in the days when I can think straight.

Years have gone by since i flick through a book to do all these little math equations. Yeah, there are far more important things in life now. Like thinking "what's for dinner?" and "oohh that's hot".

If my sister were to ask me to help out with her homework, I don't think I'll be able to. Ok, maybe I could if i try hard enough but i never did try hard enough in the first place.

Eventually, there comes a day when you need to recall your math solving prowess. As you sit there, thinking of all the formulas and see them flying above your head like a cheap TV show from the 80's only to realize that it does not add up. It does not make sense. You don't know a thing bout maths.

Then the denouement hit me.

It doesn't really matter what the figure is if you've found out that One plus One equals everything.

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