Fly away.

-electric eel.
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I can fly. Well i think i can.

I've flown before. Well at least i felt that i have.

This state of elevation, though it may not appear to be one experienced in a physical sense has the same consequences.

If one flies to high, the air is going to get thinner. It will be suffocating. To make it worst, I'm notorious for my acrophobia.

My mind spinning in vertigo. Her smile and porcelain like skin infatuating. It's starting to hurt.

Gasping for air.

I remembered then, what a friend told me once.

"Jaga2 kalau terbang tinggi, nanti jatuh sakit"

Well there's the ultimate downside to flying. It either suffocates you or leave you splattered on the ground. Lifeless.

And I've been there too. Bits and pieces of me everywhere.

Now I have put myself together. Once again, I learn to fly.

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