7 pictures of Maoi.

I have a friend who is not an imaginary friend.
His name is Maoi. His house is Mohd Shah. Mohd Shah is not as bell as Idris.

observe the first picture. Maoi is eating with Farock D. Maoi is putting his game face on. He likes to look like he's crazy.However he is not, well, maybe a bit.

In the second picture, Maoi is standing straight in senior comm. However he is looking upwards. That is not the right way to do it. Look at Hadi beside him. "Tangan belakang, pandang bawah" as they use to say. Maybe Hadi got beaten up too often in the past. Kudos to him for executing this posture perfectly.

Maoi loves to talk. In the third picture, he is talking while eating. That picture was taken at Capit@roti canai terbaik in the early hours. During the first 6 hours we were in Kuala Kangsar, Maoi took us to eat 4 times. Sampai hari ni, perut aku sakit lagi.

In the 4th picture, Maoi is seen sleeping topless. That is his favorite way to sleep. The picture was taken from my bunker on top of his. Yes, it's true, i was his bedmate during the OBW 08. In the morning, he'll knock the bed to wake you up. Yes, Maoi is gangsta.

Maoi also likes to snap pictures. I dont where it all went. Maybe he deleted all of it. Maybe he doesn't have any Memory Card for his camera and thus is only able to snap up to ten pictures.
This is a picture of Maoi snapping away at nothing. Or maybe, he is snapping his own picture ala gadis2 galak berambut perang di Hartamas Square. No, i dont think so. He wouldn't do that.

In the 6th picture, Maoi can be seen to portray fear as Bob lurks from behind. Bob is the Rugby Captain. If he tackles Maoi, he will most likely die from the impact. Bob is strong like an Ox. Maoi is always very nice to Bob. Maoi thinks he is cute.

The 7th picture is a potrait of Maoi. Yes he is handsome for a Mohd Shah boy, but if he stays in East Wing, he's at a bout Punk's level. Punk is not handsome. Contrary to popular belief, Maoi and I didn't have an affair over the weekend.


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