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-contoh gambar yang saya tangkap.
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Ni review pengguna perkhidmatan photography aku ala Harmony Central. He's actually a friend with a huge pedal collection.

jangan la malu2 kalau perlukan perkhidmatan mengambil gambar bass...

Ease of use 10
I bought Boboy photog 2.0 after hearing about this from a close friend. Come on, it's a service how hard can it be?

Sound quality 10
This is where it really shines. Very quiet low noise. In fact you'll be hard pressed to know it's turned on at all but once off you'll really notice the loss of the shimmer and the high end sheen.

Reliability 10
I bought this used. For it's age the years have been kind. Others than some scruff marks and dings and dongs it works perfectly. And it's robust built I am pretty sure it'll last me a long time.

Customer Support 10
The best. Boboy (a.k.a Buih) is only a phone call away and he always comes across as a fine gentleman who's genuinely interested in his customer's needs.

Overall Rating a solid 10!
I don't know how I ever manage without this! If it was stolen I'd hunt down the perpetrator and skew him alive. Then I'll go out to order me one more. Yes it's indispensable.

Interested? Inquire within.

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