Easy Tortilla Wraps.

-Looks nice, right?
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I'm not really sure what Uruguayans eat. So for the Uruguay and Holland match, I made some tortilla wraps. Uruguay lost the match. I'm not Paul the Octopus.

To prepare the ingredients, I stir fried some beef strips, marinated with pepper. Next, I sauteed some Onions and mushroom. While waiting for the onions to turn brown, I diced some tomatoes. The tomatoes were then mixed into a bowl with some parsley and lemon juice.

Next, i grated some cheddar cheese and put it aside.

Once i have the meat, onions, tomatoes and cheese done, I prepared the tortillas by heating it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

Once it is all done, I lined it all up on a table and wrapped each tortilla with all the ingredients together with some lettuce and sour cream. Before rolling it up, i sprinkled some malt vinegar on it.

The tortillas was long gone by the time the Uruguay game started.