Indy the Cat.

- skuad penyokong bolasepak.
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Not to be outdone by the psychic power of some sea creature, we have conducted out own experiment on who is going to win the world cup using our very own Indy the cat.

First we wrote the names of the two finalist on apiece of paper and then we prepared a bowl of her favorite friskies in front of her.

Indy then, went on to probe and ponder on both bowls. It looked like she was going to predict a win for Spain when suddenly she had a change of heart and instead ate from the Holland's bowl.

In an unprecedented psychic move, she then when on to finish the Spain's bowl.

Now for me, this means that Indy is not psychic.

But for my Indonesian maid, she thinks it means that the score is going to be one all and the match will go to penalties.

Lesson of the day: Jangan layan maid Indon yang tengah bosan.

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