Shoe rack.

-I have few others lying around.
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Now that Blogger comes with a new "share" function, I thought it'll be fun to give you guys something to share with others. or Not!

From top left to right.

Adidas Stan Smith. Bought at Cineleisure.

Firetrap shoes given to me by mum on her last visit to UK.

New Balance trainers. My lazy shoes. Sometimes used for jogging. Lazily.

Clarks suede and leather (bottom left) Bought two pairs for 40 pounds.

Timberland grey boots. I know I should have got the yellow one. What made me buy the grey one is as good as anyone's guess.

Puma 917 Mid. I just had to get this one. It's like Chucks on steroids.

The last one on the rack is a pair of Burton sneakers, bought for me by sister when she was studying in UK. I like it so much I try not to wear it as much as i would've like.

Not pictured.

Doc Martens, black. Official school shoes in 1998. 11 years on still the single most important item prior to a gig.

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