4 Corners

-rempah ratus.
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It started with 4.

4 people at the end of a room, a rather big one at that. Where beds we put in lines. Young men were housed here.

At the end corner, stayed 4 young men. 1 was from East Coast. Very insightful and knowledgeable. One was an avid rugger. Screamed jumbled words at line outs. Next to him was the Hockey player. Skillful and fast. And I was opposite him.

This 4 corners mark a territory we called our own. Where friends come to hang and juniors try to avoid. In the East Wing of Big School, nestled behind the shades of Big Tree, is the kingdom of Dorm 6.

Two of them are now with 1 child. Last Saturday the hockey player got married.

"Tinggal ko sorang je Sixers. Bila lagi? Kitorang nak datang"

And I stood there knowing that, from this kingdom, I'm the last of my kind.


  1. aku suka entri ni.. mana butang like?

  2. entry ni bukan untuk disuka2.

    Ini entri menagih simpati.