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Sunday evening was filled with laughter as we sat an enjoyed Joob Gob Boo eggs.
I didn't get to snap the picture.ask Jenab
Joob Gob Boo is a typo made in place of Good Job Bro.Ask ArepGood Job Bro is all you get when your guitarist played out of tune.Ask NakimThat studio is in a house.A very beautiful house.Everything is Joob Gob Boo since then..

Happy b'day Arthur n Ella.


A Joob Gob Boo maneuver must be accompanied by a fist five as per picture below
Ella & Arthur's B'day 068

The pioneers in this field can also do it in unison.so can you!
Ella & Arthur's B'day 040

The 1/4 inch jacks are Joob Gob Booing the mixer
Ella & Arthur's B'day 026

A good example of a Joob Gob Boo moment is when a bassist looks at the drummer full of lust [don't look at your drummer while feeling your lips with the tip of your tongue]
Ella & Arthur's B'day 072

Arthur, Andy & Rizal(not in pic)-yup, Joob Gob Boo!..
Ella & Arthur's B'day 022

I'm sure you've got the hang of it.
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