What really happen between Anwar,Saiful,Muse And Ghany

Sayful was eager as his name was called upon by Anuar to come over and hang out and a luxurious condo. He's delighted that he finnaly gets to chill with his idol.

"what should i wear,Muse" asked Sayful to the brutal Muse.
"Wear something sharp and elegant..A three piece suit..preferably Armani.Dress up to the nines to impress him"answered Muse. Off Sayful went to get the necessary outfit.

He met Ghany on the way and asked the same question. "owh, put your hair down..where something simple and relaxing. It shows you are comfortable around him."

On the way home, he met an old man. He asked the same questions again.

"owh boy, listen to this story" the old man told him.

There was a newlywed who was very eager to please the groom.She went for an advice from the mother.

She said, "cover up..wear something up to the neck...so how protected you are from the vices of the world"

To which her friends replied "why don't you seduce him...where something right down to the navel"

"what's the relevance old man?"asked Sayful..he's running late for the appointment...

"Either way my son, you're gonna get screwed" said the old man as he walk off..

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