Broken Hearts Club

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I haven't been out and about for quite sometime. Maybe it's due to my laziness but mainly i think it's due to some internal turmoil that has escalated to unscaled heights. Blown up to tiny particles and every bit being grossly out of its proportion.

Then I saw this flyer. "How nice?" I thought.

Befitting to my current state of numbness and swollen by the loneliness that has driven me astray, I concluded that Broken Hearts Club is the only club for me.

Hence, I think I will drop by. I've never been to the venue before. I don't know where it is, though I have a rough idea of its location.

So, come friends, make your date with the Broken Hearts Club. Great music to drown your sorrows. There's no cover charge apparently and since the only other suggestion of a 'tactic' other than Saturday night EPL matches consist of old men, batik shirt and a certain venue called "Mawar Biru", how can anyone pass this up?


  1. Pecks I saw that one too kat FB.kalau nak pi...jom pi skali!hahaaa....

  2. ahahaha....aku rasa aku yang tak pergi last last....

  3. ala...kite bukannya broken heart pon!