VRI & Cloth & Clef

I ended up going to the Broken Hearts Club in Cloth & Clef. However, we made a stop at VRI to catch some live performances. Notably was Robot Asmara. However i thought that the bassist is a tad overkill on the bass. Too "abang tremble" for my liking.

Then I went to Clot & Clef. Met some other broken hearts club attendees. Was a little surprised to Kay & gang there. .

Fazura was there too.

She can break my heart. I won't mind.

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  1. Kalau aku sinbad di lautan...ko sinbad versi daratan....Brad Pitt dlm fight club mungkin?

  2. pehh..Brad Pitt dalam fight club...

    psst, jangan cakap kat Fazura..nanti dia heart broken lak kalau tau...