Rice terraces of Tegalalang.
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Uluwatu, if you have never been to the its geographical location, might be closely associated to a boutique bearing the same name which sells Balinese lace.

In reality it's a place located at the southern most tip of Bali. No, it does not have any shop selling Balinese lace there.

However, there is a temple there and this entry is about my experience at the temple.

The temple is known for, besides its majestic scenery over seeing the Ocean from a high cliff, the abundance of primates /monkeys in its compound.

Let it be known time and again, I'm not fond of animals. i don't hate them but I don't like them.

Luckily for me, my sister likes animal a lot. She was pretty excited to see the monkeys lined up en route down to the temple. We were warned earlier to remove all shiny objects like sunglasses and cameras as they have the tendency to take them in exchange for food.

The walk down was worth it as we reach the temple walls as we can enjoy a great view of the sea.

We pulled out the camera for a quick picture before keeping it in the bag again on the way out of the temple.


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