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My sister buzzed me on MSN.

"Siapa baca ur blog and add me in Fb?" She asked me and I was left dumbfounded. I didn't know who.

I asked for the message that he sent to her.

Sorry, I don't usually add strangers on facebook and find it a bit difficult to approve one. So, I'm one of your brother's blog reader and found your facebook link there. Hello :)
"Can I have the ur blog's link?" She asked me. She didn't even read my blog.


I, have never linked my sister's facebook or even mine in this blog,ever. From my facebook, there's a link to this blog but not the other way round. I only have the link to my flickr and some of my friends blog on the right panel.

I find it absurd that for someone who does not usually add strangers and find it difficult to approve one, took the time and effort to do exactly the opposite. It should also be noted that, he is not one of my many friends in facebook.


I'm very dissapointed.


  1. keyco kan.

    baca blog, baca je la. nk komen, komen ah. tapi kalau komen kuang asam, mengamok ah. heheheheh.

  2. I also very disappointed with this mafaker. Ni lah bahana dunia cyber. Ramai sgt mafaker. Ham ka chan!!

  3. brother yang sgt protective over strangers who have hotss for his sis !!

  4. aku mmg caring ngan adik2 pi..ngan adik ko sekali pun...


  5. adik org takyah aa nak caring!

    you're breeding stalkers on your blog!hahah!taruk lagi gambar adik2 kamu yang hot....pasni stick to the Total FC pics sudah..kita tgk ada org random nak add mereka kat FB tak?heheheh!

  6. lepas ni aku letak gambar sasha circa 90an yang hot...pastu biar diorang add kat FB,pastu...

    "Ha amek kau mak buyung!"

  7. oh and since adik sopi nye birthday today, i would like to wish her "happy birthday!"

  8. Wow, I'm a bit shocked by this. stalker, keyco, pyscho & mafaker? Here's my side of the story.

    1) There is a link, and the link to the facebook account is in here : http://berbuih.blogspot.com/2009/08/abang.html

    2) I think absurd is too harsh. More of a 'funny' thing. I did say usually there. I do rarely add strangers and when I do so, maybe its because
    i) I read their blog, share the same opinion and theres a facebook link there, or
    ii) When people in facebook suggest me to do so, or
    iii) Anyone I find attractive, and not just myspace angle attractive which I think a normal thing.
    And when approved, I'll send a hello/hi or any introduction to avoid being rude.

    Sorry for all the trouble caused.

  9. i wonder if this stalker guy adds u as friend in fb since theres a link and also he reads ur blog but no.... he only adds ur sis coz she is attractive ..hehehe..

    btw its a good thing to know that mr buih cares not only about his sis but others too.. haha...