Borneo Rainforest.

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Borneo Rainforest is a club near Sunway Pyramid. Last night the Fly FM Campur Chart Goes Live was rocking the place.

I went there thinking that since the place is quite near to home and i really need to go out to get some ideas for my project. Robot Asmara opened the show. Altimet then stepped up and did his thing. Finally Deja Voodoo Spells wrapped up the show. I saw an old friend but didn't get to say "hi" since he was busy rocking on the stage.

I had one eye on the colourful lights around the Sunway area before I went in. Time flew by too fast as I went out it was all turned off. However I did get my shot in front of the majestic Sunway Hotel.

It was fun, maybe if it's held here monthly after this, I'll be down there giving my support to local music!

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