A new year over the weekend.

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Boy! what a weekend. It was a New Year's weekend. So predictably, it was very hectic. We didn't plan to go out and celebrate but the last thing on my mind was to play badminton. But, true to our sportsman like behaviour, the clock striked 12 while we were on the badminton court. I heard the fireworks. I didn't go out to see it.

I. on the other hand, was more occupied with the 365 project which was officiated by the massive fireworks as the minute finger overlaps the hour finger.

So the first 3 days went smoothly, on the first day was a self portrait. On the second day we took a drive to KL and took a group picture and on the the 3rd day, it was Xul's portrait.

It's getting harder by the day.Monday is going to be the worst.

Same shit, different year.

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  1. boleh.. lu boleh buat.. gua yakin dengan lu..