Keropok Lekor

The Bachelor [15/365]

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Dude from LYN: bro, hw much 10kg keropok lekor + postage to melaka? best price pls...

Me: u sure u got the right guy?

Dude from LYN:

notworthy.gif sorry bro, but word has it that ur selling keropok lekor among other items, here in lyn...
now im really confused rclxub.gif ...
back here in melaka, its very hard to get really good keropok lekor & it will cost u a bomb in the pocket shud u found one biggrin.gif ...
maybe i got d wrong peah doh.gif ... damn blush.gif ...
but really bro, u not selling??

I received this crazy message from my inbox in LYN. People nowadays are crazy. How can anybody simply PM another regarding some keropok lekor. 10kgs worth of Keropok Lekor! And I didn't even put up any advertisement that could indicate that I'm selling any kind of food product let alone keropok lekor.

Dude from LYN : so bro? really not selling aa?


  1. kalau kau ada jual.. aku pun nak beli gak.. dlm 2kg je..

  2. tapak kaki aku dalam 2kg berat dia...nak?

  3. haha.. takkan marah kot..

  4. eh tak lah...tak marah...semenjak 2010 menjelang ni, makin kurang orang jue ngan aku...tinggal ko sorang je la...

    tu aku sayang ko tu...

  5. so, ada jual tak ni?