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I remember the first time I saw this crest. It was after my uncle came back from UK. Before that, I saw some Division One game and thought the team with the big canon looked cool. Then, everybody knows the team with the big bird on the crest. They were very strong teams then.

Then I got my first jersey. A white Umbro jersey with the proud crest on the chest. The words "Winner of European Cup Winners Cup 1991" were embossed around the emblem. From that day on, I was following the team closely.

I took what ever pocket money I had and bought the official magazine monthly. The mag was my best friend. Providing me stories of my heroes. I memorized names of players and all the interesting trivial facts.

Then, when I left school, I met some friends. Friends who were supporting this team. We started to go and watch games together. We went all over town trying to find the best spot to watch our team play.

During those years, I met some friends who were inclined to support other teams. Every Saturday night, good friends turn to foe. We celebrated the game, we jumped when they scored. Some of us even cried when we won.

And we still do that today.

* The white jersey, was passed down to my brother, i don't think he likes it as much.

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