Teori Asas Buih. (T.A.B)

Dont go to the light.
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From the earliest day of my theories and prophecies, I've recalled but one fundamental theory which forms the core from which sprouts the other theories.

-Usha awek yang confirm tak dapat je. Kalau rasa2 usha awek tu dapat, takyah usha.

Hence, trying to live and put this theory to test, I have been caught in this vicious cycle of occurence of events and have been free falling into the bottomless pit some of us call life.

Many years have passed since the inception of this theory and I have followed this theory closely. There is no benefit from this theory.

I think I may have to make some changes soon.


  1. hahahaha..nasib baik sedar sendiri.

    cari teori lain pulak.kamon!yu ken du it!

  2. despondent terhadap usha awek yang boleh dapat. tapi in a way still hopeful dapat usha awek yang tak boleh dapat.