Renounce your citizenship and pay the consequences!

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While I was flipping the pages of NST on my desk, I stumbled upon an article that really kept me intrigued on reading it to the end. All the other articles were meant for cover while I was thinking "What's for lunch?"

But not this one.

It is regarding the issue of those who have renounced their Malaysian citizenship to exploit a loophole in the legislation so as to become a British citizen via the BOC laws circa 1957.

Now, more than 50 years later, there are still citizens who are willing to strip of their citizenship to go after the BOC. Finally, after much confusion, a tribunal in London resolved that they were not going to give out any more BOC's. Thus, about 1000 stateless person was instantly created.

Reading through the article, I felt ashamed that there are people, who would give up Malaysian citizenship for another country. It should be noted that, the BOC was created in an era muddled with grey area as to the future of the country. Now, I don't see why anybody born and bred in this country would want to trade it with another.

So as to the situation at hand, the British government have denied citizenship to them and with their inherent right to the Malaysian citizenship thrown down the drain, who would take responsibility of them?

Definitely not Malaysia. They left us. They are British Overseas Citizens.

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