Where is my wallet?

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Where is my wallet?

I woke up this morning. Hurriedly got into the bathroom took the shower. Swiftly got into my work attire. That pin striped pants didn't feel right today. The lines are curvy. Maybe it's just me.

Had to do the usual jeans shakedown. Took all the leftovers from my jeans-of-the-week. My phone, car keys and some spare change.

Where is my wallet?

I think i have RM40 in that wallet. Balance after paying that dinner meal last night in Hard Rock Cafe.

Where is my wallet?

MyKad. I love that thing. Hey at least I have an I.D card. Tell that to somebody from Rwanda or Mali. I dont think they have MyKad there.

Bank Cards. I don't have a lot of banks. I think one is sufficient to keep all my money. Just in case they run out of place in their vault, I have two. Maybank and Affin.

Tune card. For internet purchases.

Touch n Go. This is a very important card for me. I use it everyday. I use it more than the MyKad. I'm not going back using the Federal Highway today!

Rubber (1 pack). I think it expired in 2003. Unopened of course.

A picture of Nenek and Tok ayah each holding me when I was about 1. This is a classic. I wanted to put it in my room but it never left my wallet. I don't know why but it's like my lucky charm.

The wallet itself. Mum bought it for me after I lost my previous wallet. I'm not a big fan of wallets. The one I lost previously was with a MCOBA emblem. Bought it during MCOBA weekend. This one is from Fossil. It comes with a money clip which doubles as a Bottle opener. Cool rite?

So I'm praying that my wallet is in Xul's car. Otherwise, I'm gonna be really, really sad.

Where are you, wallet?

*Yeay! dah jumpa!*

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