Makan-makan Di Chawan

ABC gambar saiko, rasa tak saiko sangat.
gaya makan ala kerry king
makan telur
dah nak balik dah ni.

We went to Chawan to have supper and catch up with some friends who came back for Raya. It's located right in front of Bangsar Village and was once the place of a very prmoninent mamak stall.The design of the shop was very hip and nice. I personally like the "stones in cages" wall.

I tried their Len Chi Kang sejuk and their ABC. Both were OK. I had some trouble ordering since they opted for a platoon of Bangla waiters. So i had to wait for the only girl who could take orders. She was really nice though.

In the end, we had Roti Bakar, Telur 1/2 masak, Len Chi Kang,Kopi Ais, ABC, Keropok Lekor, Teh O Ais, Teh O Limau and nasi lemak bungkus for about RM50.

I felt that, we were paying mostly for the interior decorations and location rather than the food. I'm not going there to hang out again anytime soon.
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