Laos 1 - Malaysia 3.

- orang bersukan dalam keadaan bokeh.
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"Woooo!" The scream came from the kitchen. I thought there was something wrong with her.

I walked from room to room, the TV upstairs was occupied the TV in mama's room is not an option. Downstairs there was a couch potato catching up with MTV. So I had to walk into the kitchen.

I saw the game was being played on telly.

"Oo tengok bola eh.." I thought my chances are slim of catching the game. I never thought that my maid would be watching the game.

"UU bagus sepak masuk gol! Bagus kali tapi yang pemain Laos tu main jahat terjobrok jatuh aduuuhhhh" I now have an Indonesian commentator. She was supporting Malaysia and at least she drowned Hasbullah's voice.

On normal circumstances I would walk right out of the kitchen and head up to my room.

But this isn't just any night. Malaysia came back when the Laos team scored the equalizer. The speedy flanker Baddrol reacted the quickest and buried the ball in goal.

"Goal!" I said.

"UUUUUUUUUUU Goooolllllaaaa waduuuhh cantikkkkkkkkk!!!ya bagus llaa jaringaaaannn nya..." She said.

"Woooo hoooo!" She's still not done.

Then Malaysia scored again. Laos was tamed. The tiger on the crest was on a prowl and the whole stadium had to bear witness to its prowess.

I'll wait for Thursday for the final game against Vietnam but there will be no way I'm watching it from the kitchen's telly. She's crazy. It's not even her country.

Good luck boys!


  1. aku syak maid kau dh terpengaruh dengan konsep 1Malaysia sampai dia lupa dia orang indon..

  2. HUHU. aku pun terjerit sakan malam tadi.

    harap2 jiran2 pun tengok bola dan mengerti perasaanku... hehe

  3. kita kan serumpun ya bapak. kehekehekehek~

  4. cacah: lain kali jangan jerit kat rumah jiran.

    chempaka: cuba kalau semalam lawan indonesia...

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