Take a picture with me? [365]

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Tomorrow is the last day of the year 2009.

This year (2009) more than any other years in my life, I have taken the most picture and i have compiled almost most of memories in multiple albums in Facebook. ( no link here, don't go looking for it, creepy guy.)

But, I have only managed to whet my photography appetite and as the new year dawns on us, I'm left hungry for more knowledge on photography which will result in, obviously, more pictures. (bear with me...)

Foreseeing that tomorrow will be a very busy day at the office (if not work, I will keep myself busy not doing work), I would like to take the opportunity to announce my very own Project 365. This project will be hosted in Flickr and as such, I will make it readily accessible for everybody via the links on the right side of this blog. ( This is for you to click, yeah even you creepy guy. You get the flow of this now?)

The objective of this project is primarily for my collection and as a test for my commitment on taking up such a heavy task. This project will require me to snap at least a picture a day and to be uploaded into flickr daily.

As such, I would like to invite all my friends to book a date with me, to take a picture (at least once, I know a few who's going to be in the album at least 50 times anyway) for this project. Privilege will be given to those on their birthdays, wedding day , engagement and so forth.

[365] is on the roll and will officially start on 1.1.2010


  1. confirm aku booking satu tarikh tp tk tahu bila..

  2. abang pit: takpe..ade 365 hari lagi...

    rawkstar: 6 jan? amik gambar ko ngan hayley ke?

    chiffon: you, i know just the perfect date to take picture with you..