Lipas di Darussalam.

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They were everywhere. At first i felt one crawling up me feet. I kicked my leg wildly and stomped on it.

Then I saw the girls at the next table running away. Some were even screaming.

"Apasal banyak sangat lipas ni?" Ask Sapet.

The staffs were silent. I am pretty sure that they were left dumbfounded themselves.

"Aku rasa ada orang sabotage aa" Nik said calmly. Once in a while he checks under the table if there were any roaming around. The thought did cross my mind.

"Peah, kalau ada lipas terbang, tutup telinga tau." Kata Pn Sopi. I still can't understand why kena tutup telinga.

"Nanti dia masuk telinga" She explains as if she has experienced it first hand. I doubt roaches likes to get into the ear canal.

The situation was one of the worst i have ever been in. It was like roaches holocaust. Every table was stomping away. Mashed roaches were lying about. Some even cursed while stomping, adding the brutal effect to the massacre.

"Korang bela ke lipas ni?" I asked one of the nicer staff who was busy cleaning up the mess. He naturally, didn't answer but the girl from the next table chuckled. I think to my joke.

But throughout the whole ordeal, we sat there, drank the Milo Ais and ate the Nasi Lemak Ayam.

We really had nowhere else to go.


  1. nasib baik lipas tak terbang masuk nasi lemak.. urghhh

  2. ye ke?

    i tgk u khusyuk je makan..buat tak tau je kat lipas2 tu...

  3. lipas kecik memang boleh masuk telinga aa... my friend pernah kena... pastu hijau2 taik telinga dia... haha... jijik! i know!

  4. adoi.balik singapore bawak citer lipas kecik masuk telinga.