Why happiness eludes you.

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Bam bam bi dam bam bam bi dam bam...(disturbia is blaring through these blessed speakers.)

the best of us can find happiness in misery - Xul.

It seems that happiness refuses to step on his doorsteps let alone barging through the door for a lengthy hug.

Firstly, it must be established, that this dude is indeed in misery. Why? I don't know. The question begs a one to dwell deeper into the psychological state of a person at that particular time. Like "Why is Rihanna's song is on your mp3 player?" I've since change it to American Boy.

For some one to find happiness, it has to be something that is solid. Something that can be in a Lost & Found section of a rundown shopping complex. Like Pertama Complex, Where the rempit and bohsia will be tonight before heading home for some 3gp sex action.

I on the other hand, am a happy man. Especially after Megan Fox agreeing to be my sex buddy. "I've never lost the plot"

So then, where is "happiness"?

Since he can't see it and I can, it must be somewhere his vision can't cover. It should be noted that, the things that you can't see, might not be far but it's just too near to you.

Based on all my arguments above, I conclude that happiness is Xul's eyebrows.

Say it together now! "It makes perfect sense"

It's something that he can't see but I can and it makes me happy.

In a nutshell, I think when god designed Xul, He gave 3 smiles on his face, two of which is smack in the middle of his forehead next to each other so that everybody around him will always be happy.

"Told ya it's compelling."

To Zabaleta, Richards and Bellamy, you should know that there is only one team in Manchester at its color is red.

And Ronaldo (CR7) is better than Gerrard.nuff said.

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