7 reasons why i hate Sifu & Tongga

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Sila baca review cerita ini. Saya juga telah mengambil kesempatan ini untuk link blog yang menarik itu didalam Rangkaian Buih.

I've never been to the movies to watch a Malay film. My perspective of the current state of affair was delightedly enlightened by Los & Faun. Though it was a flop in sales, I really enjoyed it. That is what watching a movie is all about for me, at least. Today, all that came crumbling down. To the point where i said, "Tak nak lah tengok citer Melayu lagi.Bazir duit je."

Here, i'll try my best to give my honest opinion and view from a avid movie goer and a layman in the cinematic world.

Personally, it was a funny movie for about all of ten minutes. Then it became irritating. I felt that I would understand a French movie better. The Malay language in this film must've been the single most audacious insult on the language itself. Such mockery is intolerable.

Blogs on the net, written in Malay, can be funnier than the script of this movie. Then again, I can't imagine trying to tell a joke in a language that either myself or the audience can't understand. To that extent, kudos to both the leading actors. However, being comedians, I'm sure that they would know better if there is not enough substance in the script.

Unrelated events.
I'm not a learned director or in any way have had my hands meddling into the movie business but I'm a movie buff. I think, there are some scenes in the movie, which are too remote from the sequence of the movie that it destroys the flow. Notably, the scene where Sifu was walking in the jungle and suddenly the bush rattles, only to find Tongga doing his "business". Don't they have a standard they have to look up to? Secondly, I find the ending scene is a bit off. Tammy and her gang went for a walk in the jungle, dart them, end of movie. Again, Don't they have a standard they have to look up to?

What computer graphics? There was no such thing...the dart trick in the end was lousy. It was too obvious that the actors were holding them. 2 million ringgit for this movie? I don't think so.

Cameos are good. They help to sell the movie. Movie buffs are excited when the little part actor is somebody they can identify immediately. However, when the cameos are not helping the movie, you'll end up with an escalated payroll. That should be bad in the movies budget. "I don't know. It's a wild guess..hey I'm no professor."

Leading lady.
A leading lady should lead. A mute leading lady, trapped in a cage, can't. After hearing her shrieking though, maybe she shouldn't have any line.

The basic purpose of a movie, is to provide entertainment to the public. It is also a media to educate the masses. A strong movie will forever be embedded in the minds of those who watched it. A bad one, sadly, do too. This is a half-baked movie which is not fit for our cinemas. Poor us the victim, if the sales drop, it's because we don't go. If we go, we're in for a torture.

Please aspire to achieve something better. I want to see the entertainment industry thrive.

DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE because we deserve something better in our cinemas.

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  1. confirm aku tak tengok cerita ni, aku memang dah menyampah dengan cerita melayu bodoh tahap dewa ni, tengok tajuk, poster pun aku dah tahu memang sampah. Thanks for the review, u dah selamat kan i dari sakit jantung di pawagam tu.

  2. Amirah: Cost nak jumpa doktor sakit jantung nanti mahal.

    I really2 want Malaysian movies to do well. This is way below par. It's not even an effort. Come on! you can do better than this.

  3. salam...

    rase pelik la camne diorang leh wat citer lawak yang camgitu...takder feel....

    tgk pun sbb tayangan amal kat universiti 16 januari...
    pawagam kuar 29 januari, confirm dh tak ramai yang g....

    ehm, masih menanti citer melayu yang bermutu....:)

  4. salam...

    memang tak bermutu la.

    tapi ada citer melayu lain yang bermutu. Yang ni je membazir bakat.

  5. I think 'Sepi' is ok..not great..but ok..the script was not overly lame how a normal malay drama normally are..

    And how all 3 love stories were connected with one scene..something new for a malay movie la..

    All these Senario, Mami Jarum stuffs..hiburan kalo ditonton dari vcd cetak rompak atau kalo kene tunjuk time raya when any other shows wld be nothing but siti nurhaliza's concert on every single frikkin channel (umah arwah nenek aku takde astro..)

  6. Well the good ones usually susah nak tayang.Even muallaf from Yasmin tak lepas2.Walhal it got rave reviews overseas!

    Kalau nak tgk gak.I think those from Afdlin Shauki and co(Hans Isaac) is a better bet.

    Thanks for you review.Baru balik tadi

  7. sangat-sangat setuju! nice rev bro! ;-)

  8. good review...

    ermmm..dengar citer diaorang dah kutip bermillion dah....dah kata dah boleh jual...tapi seni tu yillek pocik lah....

  9. I've read somewhere, in Business Schools kat University kat Israel, they have to generate profit of 1 Million to make the grades.

    that doesn't mean that they are good people.