Hari Raya Ke-4

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Raya was divided into quarters this season and i felt as though the final installment has finally dawn on me. [Quit yakking bout raya runs for a month!Lusa kerja siot!]

This raya in particular was colorful for me. Colorful in the sense that my raya was filled with the vivid color oozing out of the LX3. [I have tonnes of raya picture this year].

Today, was like the closing ceremony for the Olympics. Olympics for the Rendang & Ketupat enthusiast. And like Usain Bolt, I came out on top in my favorite event.

This week, there's no badminton & futsal. I badly miss those two things. I'm done with raya. "Can't wait for next year though.".

She came and brighten the rather gray evening, but she didn't realize how i was basking in her glow.

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