Rendang Istimewa Che' Peah

This is what i came up with for Hari Raya. During this particular celebration i do enjoy having lots of Rendang, Peanut sauce and Ketupat.This year is particularly remarkable as i was the one who prepared the Rendang. It is Beef & Liver (Paru) Rendang. It must have been quite a rendang as it was out of stock by lunch. Well i helped myself to a generous portion of it too.

The preparation of this rendang is somewhat different. Not much spices were involved but it requires belacan and not forgetting the Kerisik; a coconut paste.

The peanut sauce was prepared by my mother.

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  1. aku datang beraya ada lagi tak rendang ni??

  2. bro, hari ni, (first day raya) dah settle dah bro..tapi kalau lu nak nanti wa buat la lagi....