This is where it ends.

It all fell perfectly within its thread. A thread that in turn is like a circle. A complete circle of my story. Now it has reach its end, no more room to weave. No more plots to be played.
blog buih

I got my first threat since i started this blog.
" I'm asking you in a nice way to remove that post.."

So i did that. I have since removed it. I do respect that request from a friend of yours. For that is what a friend of mine did for me too.

It is really painful to be betrayed by a person that you trust. Yet i trusted you. Have a taste of what it felt like. You couldn't bear it could you?

Are you angry at me or the fact that all i said IS true?

This is my blog, go on and enjoy my life's little drama and if you can't handle the truth, press Alt + F4 la....

This is a basic guideline to Blog Buih. Hope you'll read it.
This is my blog.

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