Take a stand, care for a friend.

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This is my friend and i would hope that you are her friend too. She's in her mid-twenties, active, cheerful and funny. As to those that mutually do know her, I hope we feel the gratitude for having such a wonderful person around us.However, she is suffering from chronic pain in her head. The pain attacks her when she is under a lot of stress.

To further accentuate the problem, she also relies heavily on fags, namely Sempoerna International Hijau. I have advised her to cut down on the ciggies to help ease her pain. However, she refuses and thus she is caught in a vicious cycle.

Thus, I would hope that, any of you who sees this person on the street on at any local Mamak Shop (i.e Darussalam) to prevent her from smoking to help her in terminating her medical complications.May our combined efforts help in curbing her dependence on tobacco products. Saving an angel makes YOU an angel!

Take a stand, care for a friend,
Lend an angel a helping hand.

P/S: Kalau boleh tolong link pasal entry ni kat blog korang, kalau takde blog pun , tolong la suruh kawan2 korang baca. Aku "tag" semua orang yang paham. Orang2 yang tak reti cakap Melayu tu, takyah ah susah2.


  1. you're such a sweetheart.
    love you and all the best.

  2. wahh so sweet of you la peah.i have to admit at times i do take ciggy too!hehee....tp if possible cut down la.better tak payah isap.I'll linkup this article in my blog la.blog link oredi got.

  3. don't worry bro... if i meet this beautiful young fella anywhere... i'll try my best to make her not smoke in front of me...

    i'll help u save your angel... hehehehehee :-p

  4. I support you! Let's end her (and our) suffering.

  5. bagaimanakah jika saya tegur dan tiba-tiba saya di tampar dengan penuh rakus oleh wanita ini?