Shopping In Bandoeng

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I realize once I uploaded my pictures in this PC, that i have insufficient pictures in all the Factory Outlets that i visited. I had to cut down on the shopping and I did take a lot of pictures in Rumah Mode. This is a very scenic place with well planned layouts.

The Balinese motive runs through out the whole complex and i was captivated by it. Once i step inside, it was a whole different story, My sisters and mother was long gone by the time I stepped inside. I was the last one to come out.

I wished I could drop by another time before I left, but I cant manage to visit the bulk of the Factory Outlet, so i had to skip Rumah Mode's 2nd visit.

The girls were really into Pasar Baru. I had nothing to buy there. The sight of an ocean of laces must have done something to their brains. I think they went ga-ga.
We walked pass zenith, but it was still closed, we didn't go back.
I really like Merdeka Outlet. It stores a lot of Big Size clothes (in case i need to buy some for Tokya).
The Heritage is situated nearby alot of other Factory Outlet. I didnt get to go to all of them. I was really tired after walking aroung The Heritage and Cascade.