Festival Seni Universiti Malaya 09

Last night, My friends and I drover through the gates of UM to go to their hall to watch Festival Seni.

I am not an alumni of this historic University but I've been to the festival seni a few times. Last night was the Acoustic performances night.

We bought the RM3 ticket and trdge along looking for the entrance.
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We managed to find our way in. This hall is very big and very cool looking indeed.

Unlike the last time I was here, when a friend was driving around hi Kancil Kuning in the vicinity of the Universtiy, we chose to sit at the main seating hall. We didn't sit at the upper tiers where the atmosphere would have been much "hotter".

We took a whole row of chairs.

Mengalahkan budak UM.

There were a couple of UM alumni girls with us and it's sad to say that they, who have been out for at least 5 years seem hotter then most of the present undergrads. Haha!

As the light dims, there was the normal howling and hooting. Cheering for their own respective colleges. We had our own fair share of screaming too. The guys around us must have wondered what college we were from.

But we were shouting "Nik! Nik! Nik!" anyway, I doubt there's a College Nik in UM, so they must have figured that we aren't from UM.

Drummer boy Nik, scored that night. He played precisely and smoothly earning a well deserved 2nd place. The band who took first place has a very talented singer with them. She's a real gem. I think she can go on and become a big star. She looks like Jennifer Hudson.

After about 5-6 performances, we left the hall. We knew we were bored once we were trying to find Kept look-alike more than paying attention to the band on stage. We found two of them.

In a nutshell, I really had lots of fun as always when i go down to Festival Seni in UM. However, I hav always found that the Instrumental concept to be a little off as I think, even though most of the performance can put up a good live show, they lack a little bit when it comes to intrigue the audience with their intrumental prowess which results in lost of the hard-earned attention by everybody in the hall.


  1. owh, "college nik" lak yang dikomen

    i thought you'd point out the fact that

    "There were a couple of UM alumni girls with us and it's sad to say that they, who have been out for at least 5 years seem hotter then most of the present undergrads"

  2. I spotted that line rite away.. sambil tersenyum lebar aku bace bnyk bnyk kali dgn nada yg lantang agar didengari si suami yg asyik tgk golf. *kasiox*

  3. mungkin dia masih belum boleh get over kehilangan flash.

  4. wtf??! flash baru suda hilang?? bagaimana?
    saya pun baca ayat tuh berkali2.. saya selaku warga kerja juga mengakui kenyataan itu..:)

  5. siapa annonymous ni?
    thanks peah, i nmpk line tuh tapi terus turn off bila you tulis "who have been out for at least 5 years" I'm not dat old!!!!

  6. haha.

    puji sikit2 dah aaa...

    bagi betis nak peha....