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- GP cherry popped under the bleachers.
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I am not really an F1 guy. I've never been to an F1 race ever before. I know some of the names of the drivers but I'm just not an avid fan.

However, I had to answer the call of Jamiroquai. As you would have guessed. I am a music fan. And as far as I am concerned, no other band does it like these guys.

So by 2.30 we were finally seated. Ear plugs in hand. Camera in the other. Busy snapping away. We were hungry because we didn't get any lunch. So i spent about RM30 on hotdogs and drinks.

We had to go there early. We went there under Mache's tickets. The catch was, we had to go there early to be allowed in all in a group. I didn't have the luxury of a friend in Petronas providing me with a ticket. So I had to take whatever was coming my way.

We were seated at Grandstand F. This is where government tickets are seated. So there was no hot chicks and no action going on. There was only makcik with tudung who didn't bring earplugs because they thought they were safe under the jilbab.

By 5+pm, the race started. I didn;t get to secure the earplugs firmly before they came roaring. I had to learn it the hard way. The ear plug didn't come off after that. Which comes to a myriad of problems, How was I suppose to ask anything now? Who's leading the race? Who just went skidding into the barriers? Who's going into the pit?

Then it started to rain. Eventhough we were under the grandstand, wind still blew some water in turning the rain into a Kipas at the Mamak Stall effect. "Yang ada pancut air tuh!!"

It was very cold. Then all of a sudden, the grandstand came alive. All because there was one turn which was rather difficult to manuver under the pouring rain. One after another they skidded. everytime they did, the cheer got louder.

Then the race was stopped.

32 laps.

I can't wait to get the ear plugs off.

I hope I can hear Jamiroquai!

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