While first college was rocking it.

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"Ooooo!!! I nampak you tadi, i panggil Sopi, I cakap, 'tengok la dia tu, sempat usha awek lagi!'"
kata si gadis mimpi perkahwinan putih.


First college was definitely rocking it. They were rocking out medley tunes from the massive library of Sifu M.Nasir.

I was by the stage. Minding my own business. Happily snapping away at the drummer. Not much of the drummer can be seen as I was using my trusty old 24-60mm LX3.

Suddenly my shoulder was tapped. I caught a glimpse of her long hair in the darkness.

"Owh shit, must be the fedora. Maybe it made me look approachable."

I turned. The bright lights from the stage made her instantly recognizable.

"Owh!! Hi..."

"You sorang je?"

"Tak, semua ada kat situ..."


"Tu la..mula2 kitorg ingatkan ko usha awek UM...tak tau lak tu adik Nik!!" kata gadis yang mimpi perkahwinan putih itu.

"Ha?? you think?? I thought I was getting hit by budak UM..terkejut gila.." I answered promptly.

Aku dan gadis UM, we go waaaaaayyyy back.


  1. ya.. kami telah memulakan sesi gosip2 while you were busy snapping away..

    dan hampa setelah tahu the actual fact, damn..tak sempat nk sebarkn gosip

  2. I won't talk to girls I don't know laa...girls that I am introduced to pun, would take me about a few times meeting them before I can start talking to them.