Parti Buih.

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Parti Buih can't be organized. It's a bastardized version of Foam Party. There's no foam involved. There's no hot chicks involved. Normally no loud music too.

If you're staying with your girlfriend and your girlfriend goes outstation, you're having a Party Buih. If you're staying at home and your mother leaves for holiday, you're on your own Party Buih. If your girlfriend who stays with your bestfriend, got drunk and had crazy drunk sex which may include unprotected sex, lots of foam, a follow up session or an abortion or three, then, you're just in deep shit but they are in their Party Buih.

So here I am, writing bout Party Buih, thinking what to do next.

I had fun driving around KL today. here's my route.

Jalan Ipoh > Jalan Semarak > all the way to USJ 12 > SS19 > Kampung Pandan > Back to SS19 > Shah Alam.

I was lucky i didn't have to go to KLIA.

All for my very own Party Buih.

Who wants to join me?

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