When Canon and Nikon were buddies.

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Taken from this interesting site, which I stumbled upon when all websites which servers are based in the US and Hong Kong are slow.

Can you imagine two of the world's leading camera-makers getting together to build a camera ? Hard to believe, we could have enjoy a universal lens mount by now and don't have to suffer like hell.

Well, take a look at the camera in this photograph. It's the first Canon (May not be right, see another article on Canon's logo below - BUT it still remains as the first under the name tag, Canon), called the Hanzas Canon. But, take a closer look at the lens, that is:

It's a Nikkor !


So?what does all this mean?

Ye, aku sedang obsess dan sedang baca2 pasal DSLR.

Damn it!! the force is too strong...