“The Great Escapade: My Fun Travel with MAS!”

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This time of the year, when the jobs are piling high and the hours seems a little bit longer, I just can't help imagining places that I would rather be in. With the introduction of the Stimulus Package by MAS, it seems that my prayers have been answered.

Now, I have to plot the plans for my next holiday gateway.

First of all, I have to get my brother back to Malaysian shores. He's currently pinned under a pile of accountancy books in Dublin. He's my right wing man on every family trip that we have. Luckily for all of us, with the introduction of the ECONOMY+ MAS stimulus package, he will come back after his exams.

Now, he can enjoy the comfort and privileges of a Business Class at the price of an Economy Class ticket. Above all, more than the price of the tickets, the whole family can be reunited. We miss him a lot.

With the introduction of this package, the usually long and cumbersome flight from London can be very enjoyable. With the Internationally renowned cabin crew to attend to all his needs, I am sure that his trip home this time will be a memorable one. With MAS extensive menu and the on flight entertainment, he sure felt at home once he step into the fleet. Indeed MAS carries a little bit of Malaysia to all the corners of the world.

Once he is back, the whole family will start planning on our annual holiday. This year will surely be interesting due to the GRAB-A-DEAL MAS Stimulus Package. Spontaneity will be the order of the day when it comes to our next holiday.

This year there have been several requests from the family members. My sisters, who are shopaholics insists on a shopping haven as a destination. If my mind reading skills serves me right, their choice of destinations would be strutting down Orchard Road in Singapore, mining for hidden gems in the colorful Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok or finding bargains at the heart of the bustling Jakarta City.

Well, my brother and I won't be trudging behind them for hours because we have ideas of our own. If I were to have it my way, I would be kicking sands along the pristine beaches of Kuta, Bali. The last time we when there was more than 5 years back. Before the tragedies that still haunts the city carved a black history in the otherwise enchanting town. On the other hand, the both of us would love to travel the historical Penang. Besides the historical buildings, we can't wait to get our hands on some authentic local food.

My mother on the other hand, would definitely have a totally different idea for our next holiday. Naturally she would enjoy a relaxing holiday where there are a little bit of everything. She has always brought us to interesting places where we have learnt alot about cultures and history. She has taken us to see Big Ben and climbed the Eiffel tower. We have scaled the Great Wall and we once giggled at the sight of Manneken Pis. We have posed for a family picture in front the Lion Monument in Lucerne and we ate Chinese food in the middle of Black Forest. Most memorable of all was a trip I went with my mother to Greece where we visited the Acropolis the beautiful surrounding islands.

With the stimulus package from MAS, I have the chance to relive all of my past expereinces. If not all, the least I could do is to take my mum on a trip.

Then, after the trip with my family, I would like to take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer to go for a trip with my closest friends. Surely, we will try to go to places which are more adventurous and exciting.

Currently there are talks going on about a trip to Sabah to climb Mount Kinabalu. Besides that, I would love going to the islands there where the scenery is breathtaking. Besides Sabah, Sarawak has also alot to offer to young and adventurous travellers like us. I would love to experience a walk through its infamous Gua Niah where the oldest human remains in South East Asia was found.

On the other hand, my friends and I would like to take the opportunity to travel overseas on holiday for the first time on our own. Usually we only travel with our family. Now that we have started working, it is a good time for us to start travelling on our own. Now with the opportunity before us, all of our dreams can come true.

It took a while for me to get back at my desk facing this old computer monitor. I have travelled thousands of kilometres with my imagination going to places where i'd rather be. As I settled down on my chair, I said to myself :-

“Man! That was great. This truly is the time to travel!”


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